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Aultmore 21yr

Aultmore 21yr

‘Take a nip of the Buckie’ A whisky you previously had to be in the know to be able to taste.

Filled to the brim with fresh herbs, ripe melon, malted barley, poached apples and pears with vanilla custard.

    Once the favourite of smugglers and locals, this rare Speysider has only recently become available in older age statements, showcasing why it was sought after by blenders across Scotland.

      Detailed Description

      • Country: Scotland
      • Region: Speyside
      • ABV: 46%
      • Cask: Refill Hogsheads

      Distillery Notes

      Aultmore distillery was founded in 1897 by Alexander Edward, one of Scotland’s best-known distillers, during the peak of the late-Victorian whisky boom. Supplied to the big blending houses of the day, AULTMORE single malt's popularity with them gave rise to the distillery's success, having drawn great admiration for the smoothness of its spirit. In fact, its qualities are so fine and well-balanced that it was soon one of just a few single malts rated ‘Top Class’ by industry experts.

      A secluded site once known for smugglers and illicit stills, the Foggie Moss conceals the water’s source and filters it through gorse and heather, purifying it to the profit of Aultmore’s refined character.

      The malted barley has no hint of peat smoke, ensuring the smoothest, cleanest taste. This rarest of Speyside classics has been distilled in handmade copper pot stills since 1897, yet for over a century it was only sold in limited editions aimed at collectors.

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