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Cadenhead Small Batch Speyside-Glenlivet 1991 24yr

Cadenhead Small Batch Speyside-Glenlivet 1991 24yr

One of the newest Distilleries in Speyside, only completed in 1987 after 17 long years of work being built by hand.

This 24yr rarity is rich and creamy with decadent vanilla cream, toffee apple, caramel liqueur, ripe cherry, and varnished wood.

Speyside Distillery produces relatively small amounts of Whisky mainly destined for blends and the taiwanese market as SPEY Single Malt. With even smaller amounts going to Independent bottlers such as this whisky with only 630 bottles produced.

Detailed Description

  • Country: Scotland
  • Region: Speyside
  • ABV: 50.5%
  • Cask: Ex-Bourbon Hogsheads

Distillery/Brand Notes

“it’s what is inside the bottle that counts.”

Scotlands Oldest Independent Bottler, The firm of William Cadenhead Limited, Wine and Spirit Merchants, was founded in 1842 and was in the ownership of the same family until it was taken over by the well known Campbeltown firm of J & A Mitchell & Co. Ltd who own Springbank Distillery. The premises were in Netherkirkgate in Aberdeen and although the street numbers were changed from time to time the premises were the same and indeed were almost unaltered during their 130 years of trading in Aberdeen.

A small, hand-built, artisan distillery nestled amongst the foothills of the beautiful Cairngorm Mountains, still hand distilling in time-honoured traditions and widely acknowledged to be amongst the prettiest of all Scotland’s distilleries

Originally a barley mill and croft dating back to the 1700's, it closed in 1965 and over the next 25 years it was slowly and lovingly converted into a single malt distillery, which then started producing spirit in 1990.

The distillery draws it’s water from the Spey River tributary -The River Tromie still using the old mill lade, which originally ran the waterwheel that powered the old mill.

The distillery itself was hand-built by a stone mason Alex Fairlie and the full production is housed under one roof.

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