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78 Degrees Australian Whiskey

78 Degrees Australian Whiskey

A whiskey that looks to break the traditional boundaries of what we know whiskey to be, creating something uniquely Australian in style & flavour.

Up until now Australian whiskey has been largely influenced and led by the Scottish whiskey industry, from production processes through to still design. We wanted to create something different, something uniquely Australian.

Maintaining complete control throughout. From locally sourced, single paddock grain, to hand selected casks, producing a whiskey which focuses on quality and sustainable practices, whilst being uniquely Australian in style.

Detailed Description

  • Country: Australia
  • Region: South Australia
  • ABV: 44%
  • Cask: 200lt Ex-Wine American Oak & French Oak
  • Size: 700ml

Distillery Notes

78 Degrees Distillery was founded in 2014 by winemaker Sacha La Forgia. After completing his degree, Sacha left Australia to work 13 vintages in famed wine-making regions across the globe. During his final stop in Frulia Italy, Sacha spent time at a Grappa distillery where he met a distiller who recognised his ability and passion and encouraged him to return to Australia and start his own distillery. 78° is the boiling point of alcohol, water boils at 100° so 78° is the magic number that let’s us distil.

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