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Barr an Uisca 10yr

Barr an Uisca 10yr

A rare and incrediably interesting whiskey from Co Wicklow in Ireland. with water (Uisca) at the heart of the whisky alongside quality spirit and the finest Oak. Barr an Uisca is the only irish whisky using family owned well water to cut their whisky.

Lustrous, warm, mid-gold color. Aromas of vanilla, white chocolate and caramel (creme brulée) on the palate. Spicy entry and then a broad, silky, creamy mouthfeel

Ranked as the #1 Irish Whiskey in blind tastings conducted by the New York Times against the top 20 Irish Whiskeys

Detailed Description

  • Country: Ireland
  • Region: Co. Wicklow
  • ABV: 46%
  • Cask: 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Casks

Distillery Notes

The Irish words “Barr an Uisce” (pronounced Bar on Ishka) literal English translation is “above the water”. It is also the Irish name given to Barraniskey, which is a townland set in the heart of the beautiful County of Wicklow, on the East Coast of Ireland. The Irish word “Uisce“ or “water” in English, was used during the time Irish monks first distilled what we now know as whiskey. The monks called it “Uisce Beatha” meaning water of life.

The founder of “Barr an Uisce” Irish Whiskey, Ian Jones, comes from the small village of Redcross, which lies below the townland of Barraniskey. Redcross was a major stopping point for horse and carts travelling from southern Ireland to Dublin many years ago. People who travelled along the East Coast of Ireland found themselves in the village. Redcross became a meeting point for gossip, news, culture and music.

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