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Brora 37yr, 2015 Limited Edition

Brora 37yr, 2015 Limited Edition

A limited edition bottling from the fabled Brora distillery which was mothballed in 1983, This whisky was distilled in 1978 and
    Sweet waxed fruit appear, and distant driftwood campfires appear on the nose with floral and sweet apples, lemons and raisins on the palate with a long finish full of liquorice and charcoal smoke.
      Only 2976 bottles of this whisky were produced for the 2015 Limited Releases

        Detailed Description

        • Country: Scotland
        • Region: Highland
        • ABV: 50.4%
        • Cask: Refill American Oak

        Distillery Notes

        Founded in 1819 by the Marquis of Stafford and was originally known as Clynlish which continued up until 1975.

        Originally the whisky produced at Brora was found in  blends and around WWII demand only increased so production was stepped up. but with output maxed out by 1967, it was decided to build another larger distillery next door, which became known as Clynlish 2 which became the Clynlish we know today. Brora continued to produce whisky in small amounts when needed but was eventually closed in 1983.

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