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Cadenhead Paul John 6yr

Cadenhead Paul John 6yr

From Scotlands oldest independent bottler. This 6 yr old Indian Single Malt from Paul John Distillery is a great example of the quality of Indian single malt whisky

With the freshness of a younger whisky coupled with the sweetness and complexity of aging in the tropical climate of Goa.

A vatting of five different casks of Paul John, 3 peated and 2 unpeated with only 564 bottles produced.

Detailed Description

  • Country: India
  • Region: Goa
  • ABV: 50%
  • Cask: ex-Bourbon Hogshead, ex-Bourbon Barrel
  • Size: 700ml

Distillery Notes

Founded in 1996, Paul John Distillery uses 6 row barley from the foothills of thre Himalayas with water that travels through the mountain and rivers of the Western Ghats mountain range, which once fermented is then distilled in 2 sets of copper pot stills designed to create a rich and complex new make. the spirits is then aged in one of 3 warehouses, one underground and 2 at ground level each aging the whisky at different rates, which produce the award winning Whisky, Paul John is known for. At Paul John Whisky, the creation of pure liquid gold with rich aromas, exotic flavours and delectable spices is but an exquisite art. A single malt made in India not just for Indians to relish but for the whole world to experience- ‘The Great Indian Single Malt’.

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