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Chichibu Ichiros Malt & Grain, Limited Edition

Chichibu Ichiros Malt & Grain, Limited Edition

A Unicorn in the wild, this whisky was created by Ichiro Akuto to showcase his blending prowess and builds upon the white label malt & grain using older and rarer whisky.
With whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, USA and their own Japanese single malt with all whiskies over 10+ years old and some as old as 40years.
The whisky sings of Chichibus heavy & fruity spirit with influence from a myriad of different casks, with apple pie, honey, white pepper, toffee, vanilla and caramel.

    Detailed Description

    • Country: Japan
    • Region: Saitama
    • ABV: 48%
    • Cask: Undisclosed

    Distillery Notes

    Founded by Ichiro Akuto in 2004, and producing whisky from 2008, Chichibu distillery has become a cult favourite with those in the no.
    The distillery was built upon the remains of Ichiros families previous distillery, the fabled Hanyu distillery which has been used in blends such as Ichiros Malt, to great fanfare from whisky aficionados around the world.
    The distillery is small, only producing around 90,000L of alcohol per year with the focus on creating  special whiskies using their stock of rare whisky and also by importing and blending world whiskies.

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