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Craigellachie Tasting Box

Craigellachie Tasting Box

'Perched High on a rugged rock in the very heart of Speyside, Craigellachie stands above the confluence of two of Scotlands famed rivers: The Fiddich and the Spey.'

Craigellachie is famous for its use of an oil fired kiln to malt its barley and ancient worm tub condensers that give the Criagellachie whisky its unique fruity flavour even amongst the other fruity whiskies that dot the Scottish countryside.

We're kickin it old school with Craigellachie for our very first Brand Vertical, giving you the opportunity to try this stubborn old whisky from the heart of Speyside.

This box features 3 50ml samples of 

  • Craigellachie 13yr
  • Craigellachie 17yr
  • Craigellachie 23yr

    Full of vanilla, fresh fruit, ripe pineapple, and sulfur!

    All non chill-filtered and bottled at 46% abv

    Each kit will come complete with a tasting journal, certificate with QR links to our tasting room and full bottle purchases

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