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Douglas Laing Old Particular Ledaig 18yr

Douglas Laing Old Particular Ledaig 18yr

One of 6 whiskies chosen as part of the Asian Friendship Series from Douglas Laings. Old Particular Brand.
    This whisky showcases how peat can hold up in older age statement whisky if it isn't drowned out by heavily charred vanilla laden ex-bourbon casks, or sweet sherry casks, the spirits character is front and center with bacon laden campfire smoke, Japanese nori and citrus.

      Only 289 bottles of this Asia Pacific exclusive were released with a handful making their way to us in Australia.

        Detailed Description

        • Country: Scotland
        • Region: Highlands (Islands)
        • ABV: 43%
        • Cask: Refill Hogsheads

        Distillery Notes

        Ledaig is produced at the only distillery on the Isle of Mull, The Tobermory Distillery. The brand takes its name from the distilleries original name, which was founded in 1798 and first licensed in 1823. 

        The distilleries history is one of opening but then closing again shortly after, either due to a down turn in the market, war or by property developers wanting to turn it into housing.

        The Distillery produces both peated and un-peated spirit for their multiple brand, Tobermory, Ledaig, Black Bottle and Scottish Leader.

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