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Kirin Fuji Sanroku Signature Blend

Kirin Fuji Sanroku Signature Blend

Bright fresh and fruity, with orange citrus, green orchard fruits, creamy vanilla, honeycomb and a whiff of smoke.

Bearing the image of Mount Fuji, with the name "Fuji-Sanroku" meaning "At the foot of Mt Fuji" is a nod to the distilleries special location at the base of the mountain.

With a healthy 50% abv and non chill filtered, Fuji-Sanroku signature blend is perfect for drinking neat or to appreciate its many subtle flavours, or served in a baller highball.

Detailed Notes

  • Country: Japan
  • Region: Shizuoka
  • ABV: 50%
  • Cask: Undisclosed

Distillery Notes

Created to fill a gap in the burgeoning Japanese whisky market. Kirins Fuji-Gotemba distillery (A joint creation by Chivas and Seagrams) is one of the largest distilleries in the world and is unique in their use of a doubler, which is a rarity outside of the bourbon industry.

The distillery was founded in 1972 and creates 3 types of single grain whiskey, single malt whisky and blended whiskies.

Located at the base of the famous Mount Fuji, the distilleries location was chosen for its similarity to scotland with a cool climate and abundance of natural spring water, and large open space for plenty of maturation warehouses.

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