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Koko Black X Michel Courveur Peated Overaged

Koko Black X Michel Courveur Peated Overaged

Whisky Freaks has taken the hard job of buying for the whisky lover in your life.

The perfect box for the smokey whisky lover, with a bottle of Michel Courveur Peated Overaged (Australian Exclusive) paired with Chocolates from KoKo Black selected by Whisky Freaks

Either for yourself or given as a gift, the KoKo Black X Michel Courveur Peated Overaged is the perfect pairing of rich & sherried peated whisky, dark salted caramel, golden leatherwood honey and whipped caramel mousse.

Each box also contain feature a Whisky Freaks Tasting Journal and a Whisky Freaks Glencairn, presented in a custom whisky freaks gift box

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