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Eagle Rare Manhattan Cocktail Kit

Eagle Rare Manhattan Cocktail Kit

The humble Manhattan, one of the best ways to enjoy whiskey in a cocktail outside of drinking it neat.

Whisky Freaks has put together the ultimate Cocktail kit with everything you need to make yourself our favourite whiskey cocktail The Manhattan with Eagle Rare, Kentucky State Bourbon Whiskey

Decked out in matte black this kit will take pride of place in your home bar!

This Kit includes

  • Eagle Rare, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (700ml)
  • Martini Rosso Vermouth (375ml)
  • Aromatic Bitters (30ml)
  • Amarena Fabri Cherries
  • Mixing Glass
  • Barspoon
  • Strainer
  • Measuring Jigger

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