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Method & Madness, Single Pot Still, French Chestnut Finish

Method & Madness, Single Pot Still, French Chestnut Finish

Raspberry liquorice laces and fresh herbs, with spices and sweet candied fruits to follow, this is a breath of fresh air for Irish Whiskey, 

In the words of master blender Billy Leighton, "When you sit on your laurels, you go nowhere" and this whisky is proof trying new things can work out for the better with the use of French Chestnut casks to impart a unique depth of flavour to the classic bourbon and sherry aged single pot still Irish whisky.

Produced at the iconic Midleton Distillery in Cork Ireland this whisky is imbued with the DNA of Irish Whisky Royalty, while pushing the boundaries to create something outstanding. 

    Detailed Description

    • Country: Ireland
    • Region: Cork
    • ABV: 46%
    • Cask: Ex-Bourbon & Sherry, Finished in French Chestnut casks

    Distillery Notes

    Method and Madness, based at Midleton Distillery in Cork, Ireland is a distillers playground. The distillery ground plays host to a micro distillery that is used to create experimental whiskeys that dont conform to the norms of what Irish Whiskey is considered. Producing everything from Single Malt, to Single Grain, to Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, to Rye and Gin and ageing whisky in woods usually seen in the whisky world, From Mulberry casks to Chestnut and Wild Cherry wood. Method and Madness is about pushing boundaries.

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