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Milk & Honey APEX, Pomegranate Cask Finish

Milk & Honey APEX, Pomegranate Cask Finish

A true one of a kind whisky utilising Pomegranate wine casks. A staple of the eastern mediterranean the pomegranate wine casks provide sweet and juicy aromas and flavours that complement the freshness of this unique Israeli spirit.

Tel Aviv's dry and hot climate with over 300 days of sun per year are reflected in the whisky. Ageing quickly this whisky cannot be compared to its old world counterparts, it is unique in the world of whisky.

You'll find juicy ripe pomegranate, rich vanilla custard and with a freshness of spearmint and baked sour apples.

    Detailed Description

    • Country: Israel
    • Region: Tel Aviv
    • ABV: 59.5%
    • Cask: Ex-Bourbon casks, Finished in Pomegranate Wine Casks

    Distillery Notes

    Unique in the world of whisky. Milk & Honey was founded in 2014 and is located in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, and surrounded by local artists and innovators, Milk & Honey are all about place, with their whisky showcasing how whisky can be produced in the hot and dry climate of the middle east, and the small batch APEX series being the culmination of research and experiments showing how different local woods and casks and maturations affect the whisky.

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