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Nikka Yoichi Un-Peated 2021 Limited Edition

Nikka Yoichi Un-Peated 2021 Limited Edition

This limited edition of Nikka un-peated single malt was introduced in 2021 as the first of the “Nikka Discovery” series, alongside the Peated Miyagikyo.

    It showcases the bright fruitiness and rich mouth feel of Yoichi without the addition of peat, but retains the smoky character from the direct coal fired distillation 

    This expression is crafted solely from batches of un-peated malt, offering a significant distinction from the preconceived 'smokiness' of Yoichi. with only 20,000 bottles produced

      Detailed Description

      • Country: Japan
      • Region: Sendai
      • ABV: 48%
      • Cask: Ex-Bourbon & Sherry Casks
      • Size: 700ml

      Distillery Notes

      At Latitude 43.2°N, The harsh and rich nature in the north, satisfying everything needed for whisky making.

      Masataka Taketsuru, the first Japanese who mastered whisky making in Scotland, valued the climate and natural features of the north. Yoichi, the place chosen by Masataka was close to the sea, surrounded by mountains on three sides and in many ways similar to Highland in Scotland. A cold climate with an appropriate humidity, crisp clean air and fresh water - everything necessary for his ideal whisky was available. The proximity to the sea is one of the distinctive features of Yoichi. The sea breeze gives a briny hint to the whisky during the maturation.

      Masataka set a pot still using direct coal-fire when he built the Yoichi Distillery. This still was similar to pot stills at Longmorn Distillery where Masataka had the first practical training in Scotland. This traditional coal-fired distillation is hardly seen today as it is difficult to control temperature and requires highly skilled craftsmen. However, the distillation process at Yoichi has remained very traditional to this day. The characteristics of Yoichi Single Malt such as boldness and toasty burnt flavors are unique features of this distillation.

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