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Overeem Man of Promise

Overeem Man of Promise

The 2nd Release of Man of Promise from The Overeem Distillery, a vatting of 3 exceptional Port casks hand selected by Casey Overeem himself to follow through with his promise to create a whisky that could stand alongside the best whiskies in the world.

This whisky is rich and decadent, packed with christmas flavours (funny since it was released for christmas) with aromas of salted caramel, lemon zest, barley sugars, shaved almonds and cocoa followed on the palate with caramel fudge, fruit cake, nutmeg, dried apricots, toffee, raisins and marzipan and finishing Long, and nutty, with burnt toffee, caramels and dark fruits.

With flavours of  salted caramel, cocoa, shaved almond and brown sugar absolutely exceptional whisky, and in very limited quantities, this whisky is one to get while it lasts.

Detailed Description
  • Country: Australia
  • Region: Tasmania
  • ABV: 50%
  • Cask: Port Casks

Distillery Notes

Overeem Distillery was founded by Tasmanian Whisky pioneer Casey Overeem. Originally housed at Old Hobert Distiller (the families shed), Casey wanted to produce whisky that would stand alongside the best whiskies in the world and after years of passionate research and experimentation Overeem was founded in 2007. Overeem use long fermentations and long maturations to produce a consistently exceptional whisky. Overeem whisky was first released to the world in 2012 with the whisky finding popularity not just in Australia but globally.
Overeem is now lead by Caseys Daughter Jane and her husband Mark Sawford who brought the distillery and brand back into the family in early 2020 after it was purchased by Lark distillery in 2014.

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