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Peat Monsters Classic

Peat Monsters Classic

Get ready because we're bringing that smoke with our 4th release
'Peat Monsters'
We have painstakingly picked out 3 of the best peated whiskies we could get our hands on for all the peat heads.

This release includes a Whisky Freaks exclusive the Elements of Islay LP12 an extremely limited release of an 8yr old Laphroaig.

Our Peat Monsters Whisky Freaks box features these rare and exceptional whiskies.

  • Elements of Islay LP12, Laphroaig 8yr (Whisky Freaks Exclusive!)
  • Ballachin S.F.T.C Bourbon Cask 10yr
  • Michel Couvreur Overaged Peated Extra Strength

Also includes a tasting journal so you can log your whisky journey.

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