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Tasting Journal

Tasting Journal

The team here at whisky Freaks spent a lot of time (and whisky) perfecting our tasting journal to make it one, if not the most detailed tasting journal out there.
Keep track of all your drams, their flavours, aromas, regions, all the way down to the style of cask, and what you whisky pairs well with.

19pages of tasting notes with 38 sections for whisky notes, thats 12months worth of tasting notes to keep track of whisky journey.

Our Whisky Freaks Journal features a section dedicated to teaching you how to taste whisky without all the romanticised bravado you normally find in whisky.

Its a new Whisky world out there, so let your inner whisky freak out!


  • Introduction from our founders
  • How to Taste Whisky
  • Flavour Wheel
  • Example page
  • Tasting Note pages

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