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The Glenturret 15yr, 2020 Maiden Release

The Glenturret 15yr, 2020 Maiden Release

The GlenTurret is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland with a history dating date over 250 years

The majority of those years the Whisky produced was used for blending but the exceptional spirit is seeing a renaissance with the 2020 Maiden Release.

A full rebranding complete with Lalique crystal decanter bottler, older age statements and a dedication to quality.

Detailed Notes:

Country:  Scotland

Region:  Highlands

ABV:  55% ABV

Cask:  2nd fill Sherry Casks

Distillery Notes:

Glenturret know the value of their refill casks. Much is said about the importance of first fill sherry oak but much less about the casks that hold their second fill of spirit. The 15 years old is driven by refill wood where the oak notes step back and allow the original character of the spirit to sing. Delicate notes of citrus fruit and vanilla echo the new make spirit which flowed from the stills all those years ago. This single malt is created with the honesty to allow the spirit to tell its story, gently encouraged by the understated refill casks.

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