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Whisky Freaks Quaich

Whisky Freaks Quaich

A symbol of trust and friendship, and the traditional way to share a wee dram, with friends and loved ones.

Our traditional handmade Quaichs are the perfect gift for the purist whisky drinker and are a must have for any whisky den.

  • Bowl diameter: 100mm
  • Height: 50mm
  • Handle to handle: 160mm

History of the Quaich

A Quaich is a traditional Scottish bowl which was used for drinking and its name comes from the Gaelic “cuach” which means “cup”. Quaichs however were not used for any drink. It was used for special drinks, such as whisky or brandy. This meant that people used Quaichs across the Scottish Highlands as a welcoming to guests and visitors, showing a sign of friendship. 

Quaichs have been noted throughout history, with Kings James VI of Scotland giving a special decorative Quaich to Anne of Denmark in 1589 as a wedding gift. They were even noted within the Jacobite story as Prince Charles Edward Stuart travelled south around 1745 with many instances of Quaichs being used throughout the journey. 

Where Quaichs originated from is still unclear. Some historians claim that Highlanders used to drink from scallop shells, which became impractical, so they designed Quaichs which matched the unique shape of the scallops. Others say that Quaichs were used as far back as the Celtic Druids around the 2nd century B.C, perhaps the mystery of the Quaich origins is what makes it so alluring for people. 

It was not until the 17th Century that Quaichs began to be made from precious materials, with more intricate designs and elegant features being used to match the tastes of the upper classes within the Scottish Lowlands. The inside of the bowl would have stunning designs and the handles too would be used for pieces of art. 

The shape adapted to include two “lugs” (which is a Scottish term for “ears”), which meant as the Quaich was being passed between clansmen, both hands would need to be used and therefore, the potential of holding any weapons would be nulled and trust and comradeship would be created. 

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