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Yamazaki 12yr

Yamazaki 12yr

Delicate and profound, an experience in whisky, with floral peach, sweet candied orange and vanilla, tart cranberries and mizunara.

The Flagship whisky from Yamazaki and Suntory, The 12yr set the high standard all other Japanese whisky try to emulate.

The richness of the sherry complements the nutty and aromatic mizunara and topped off with the depth of the red wine casks combine to create an outstanding whisky.

    Detailed Description

    • Country: Japan
    • Region: Kyoto
    • ABV: 43%
    • Cask: Ex-Bourbon, Ex-Sherry & Mizunara

      Distillery Notes

      Yamazaki is where it all began in 1923, when Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii, Inspired by traditional Scottish whisky, Torii envisioned a Japanese approach by choosing a terrain and climate completely different to those of Scotland to create a unique kind of whisky, Nestled proudly on the periphery of Kyoto, this region was formerly referred to as "Minaseno", where one of the purest waters of Japan originates. Yamazaki distillery was designed with help from Masataka Taketsuru who would later go onto found Nikka, but was instrumental in creating Yamazaki alongside Shinjiro Torii.

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